Santalum Parfum


The smell of wealth is money, but it’s more than money. It’s luxury perfume, but it’s more than luxury perfume. It’s Santalum. This scent exudes power! A scent that will make people ask about you.

Our Séduire   Santalum
 handcrafted Eau de Parfum will have you feeling like you made the Forbes list of the Richest Most Powerful Person Alive!!!!!



  • Paraben Free
  • 50mL
  • Handcrafted
  • Worn: Anytime


Scent: Woody, Soft Oriental, Musk


Notes:              Indian Sandalwood

                         Ginger Root


                         Virginia Cedarwood

                         Green Violet



Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I’m obsessed with her products. I have the Santalum Parfum and room spray. It’s a unisex scent so if you have a boyfriend/husband you can definitely share this scent. I layer mine with a vanilla/sandalwood base body butter. Her products are top tier, I’ve had the pleasure of testing all of her scents, she is next level. Like Tom Ford next level.

So good

I ordered the sample set and they all are amazing but this one is full bottle worthy!

Patrick Lattanzio
New Favorite!

Obsessed with this perfume!! Exactly what I was looking for in a musky scent. So fresh and not too overpowering. 10/10 recommend!

Brianna Hostutler

I bought this perfume a week ago and I’m obsessed with it. One direct spray on my clothes leaves a fragrance that lasts until I wash them, and one indirect spray leaves a lighter fragrance that’s noticed only when close up or when the air catches it. I honestly feel so powerful when I wear this because it smells exactly like what I imagine nice, wealthy people smell like lol. Very gender neutral and warm. 10/10 worth every penny.