Citrus Bergamia Parfum


Let's get back to enjoying life, so let's go to Calabria, Italy the home of the Bergamot Orange with just the “Bare Minimum”... and we really do mean the “BARE MINIMUM” because this scent just makes you want to risk it all, on the sandy beach’s of the Mediterranean coast.


Our Désir   Citrus Bergamia handcrafted Eau de Parfum is just the scent you need to risk it all under the sun!



All Natural • Cruelty free• Vegan• Hypoallergenic

  • 50mL
  • Handcrafted with organic sugar cane alcohol
  • Worn: Anytime
  • Longevity: 10-13hrs


Scent: Fresh Aromatic


Notes:              Bergamot

                         Orange Blossom



                         Sicilian Orange

                        Marine & Ozone


Customer Reviews

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A perfume that smells like the flower and not the fruit

Finding an Orange Blossom perfume is hard considering a lot of the perfumes smell fruity and that's not my style. This is potent and floral. I'll spray it on myself in a specific spot in my room and I'll come back to that exact spot smelling like that perfume! The orange blossom scent is wonderful and lasts for a while. After 5 hours or so, the scent changes to a powdery scent on me. I'm sure it'll be different for others but I personally love it! I also like the box it comes in and keep it in there in case I drop it.