The Beginning

The Beginning
My name is Raquel and I take immense pleasure in introducing you the face of leSucre; a luxury, fine fragrance, candle company that was created to “celebrate love and romance through scents”!  Fragrant Candles tap into the sensory mechanism with scents with aphrodisiac properties to get you in the mood! Yes, that's right; certain aromas are proven to trigger your arousal, your emotions and set the overall tone for your day or night.

To give you a little back story on how leSucre came to be. New Year’s Day, January 2020; I woke up just like the rest of the world wanting to restart the new year off right with new goals, hopes and dreams. Through a series of unfortunate events in my personal life, I was left with no other options than to trust God!  I made a last minute move to NYC for a fresh start, celebrated my birthday, within the same month lost my new job on March 14th, and simultaneously lost all other streams of income due to Covid closures. Like the majority of Americans,  I filed for unemployment but since I was a new resident; can you believe it took 3 months to kick in?
I couldn’t even get a job at your local CVS due to the high amounts of application that was sent in because of layoffs. Those three tumultuous months made me lose the little I had to the point of going homeless. Depression began to kick in and I was sinking into deep in debt ridden waters BUT my faith and the support from some of my followers kept me going. A very good friend let me stay with her until I can get back on my feet. In late May of 2020; I had gotten one of the biggest job offers in the state of New York so you could say things were looking up. However, my heart at the time couldn’t do it anymore and it was best to leave.  I decided to go back to my roots and leave NY behind and go to my birth place of FL.

As soon as I made that move; my life changed for the better.  God sent me an incredible creature that has a heart beat and a name that did not judge me for the little I had but pushed me to become the person I truly knew to be. Motivated me, loved me, and encouraged me and invested in me spiritually, socially and financially to follow my dreams.  Held my hand every step of the way to put my dreams into reality!  My dream was what you see, leSucre. I spent days crafting leSucre to be better than the rest. Countless trial and errors to perfect something amazing! I worked very hard behind closed doors and put a piece of my heart into every bit of leSucre.  It’s finally here! I can’t wait for you to celebrate love with leSucre.  2020 for some was the worst year in their professional, social, financial and romantic lives. A lot of people didn’t make it, but I did and you did too. I hope you use my trial to triumph to inspire you to keep pushing and follow your dreams! Don’t give up!