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    Celebrating love and romance through scents

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    About Us

    About Us

    Welcome to leSucre, our candle creations are meticulously crafted to stimulate the entire sensory mechanism. Primarily we target scents that trigger your arousal and emotions, through smells that set the tone for your entire day or night. The idea behind leSucre was to create an affordable luxury, lifestyle brand that celebrates love and romance through scents.

    Each of our designer, high-potency, fragrances feature a blend of sophisticated, timeless aromas with aphrodisiac properties that are made to burn longer for your enjoyment. In addition to our
    candles, we offer accessories, linen sprays, room sprays, body sprays, body oils, including but not limited to a bespoke candle and fragrance formulation to ensure a one-of-a-kind experience.

    Founder and Creative Director, Raquel came up with the idea for leSucre during the pandemic of 2020 as an outlet to help battle the emotional roller coaster the entire world was dealing with. Raquel taught herself how to formulate the fragrance, mix the candles, hand pour them into vessels and designed the very boxes you have in your hands. Thus, creating a unique experience that people could use all over the world, all year long.

    When it comes to the art of seduction, happiness and joy, nothing comes close to the subtle power of fragrance. leSucre will make a great addition to any room in your home or place of business, and for any occasion making the choice always, leSucre.